who is schematic?

who is schematic?

shematic ?

yes, my friend, that things that you are holding in your hand, that piece of paper, for which you have toiled these years, read it….

what does it say?


A tulip!

And where did it come from?


Have you seen that place?
So near, so dear…
There @ —..>>>—>>>

Do you see it?
That dot floating in blackness?
The strumming of our guitar?
That melody?
The human language?
Will you stand with me?

I’m lonely

These people….




They are so fucking du….

I mean they are evolving, right?

You mean you are not seeing it?
That one is your childhood friend
This one is motherless
That one just learned something new
These ones awakening
He is with you
She is your mother
I am you

It’s all here

These troubling lines….
What times do we live in>?
I < ME ME > I


The forest grows stronger
The herds have no fences

IT”S ALL IN YOUR [email protected]!!

The truth validated!
Today is the day!
And bullshit no matter.
You’ve got the toolset
We’ll get behind you!

The networks of freedom
A soul mate connection
We all stand, shoulder to shoulder
I hear you panting….
You and I brother, are Sisyphus neither
The Rock is a blessing
The Mountain is endless
The nexus of nectars
The Falcon’s perspectives
It rolls and rolls down
The hill that we are vexing
So lets bring about the change we are seeking!

The World needs the Word

That we are all preaching
Another cranks turn
The gears and teeth dig in ever deeper
We stand and pound the drum of the ages
And who da fuck says that we are all sages?

From learning to crawl,
To being locked up in cages.

So sow your seeds wide
And grow your roots outwards and inwards
When lyrics are poets
The Muse soars ever steeper!



listening to: Casa Caos | IST 056\Discoshaman \ https://soundcloud.com/casacaos/ist-056discoshaman

Welcome to Life!



Welcome to Life” – poem about truth and the human experience




Welcome to life!

The discipline of integrity

Becomes the leading force of progress and exploration!


Let our collective intelligence

Guide you to the ripest fruits of your efforts.

Let the effortless stillness of peace

Embrace the core of your being


You are one, wholesome reverberation of energy!

The ether of the universe is pulsating in every cell of your body,

And as this manifestation of infinity rejoices in the interconnectedness of matter,

You notice that with each breath you take,

Your senses bask in the positivity of the moment!


The acuteness of your perceptions focuses into a beam of precision and effortless efficiency.


The purpose of life becomes life itself!

The life you were born to live!

Your contributions advancing the progress of existence into the next dimension…



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Release the Pressure



Release the Pressure” – poem written at the dawn of a new day, watching a magnificent sunrise @ a mountain party in the woods of Colorado…





All I wanted to do is write down a rhyme
About the vastness of space and the passage of time
So I sat down and listened to the call of the wild
Passing the reigns over to my inner child
And as he took over a curious thing happened
My mind was cleared, and the veil was lifted
I looked at the world and I saw all of its people
I saw the trees, the flowers, the air
I heard loud music with deep bass and a little dry snare
I felt the refreshing, cold raindrops gently fall down
As the colors of autumn waltzed into town
I saw bare feet walk on the earth
And a playful fire light up the family hearth
I realized sometimes life is simple – life is a bliss
If you just let it flow through you and cherish each kiss…



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Brutalism – An Abomination of Architecture










Tonight I saw a most vile thing

An abomination,

The brutality of it is immense,

Cruelty and greed are the high points of its character.

Leading lines of hellish opulence

A blatant disregard for nature

Monolithic blocks of concrete

Impersonal and separating,

Insulting the dominion of peace.

Destruction of freedom,

And the creation of property.

An architectural metaphor for murder!

The elegance of a thousand years,

Slapped back into modernity.

The theft of ethereal infinity

Hacked by a saber of rebar, concrete, and steel

Brutalist pathways,

The stamp of totalitarianism.


*Note: The poem is written for metaphorical value for the type of political mindset which produces the shameful structures that are in place. There are plenty of examples of wonderful and futuristic brutalism inspired architecture which is natural and free-flowing.





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Brutalism – An Abomination of Architecture by Blue Lotus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.