who is schematic?

who is schematic?

shematic ?

yes, my friend, that things that you are holding in your hand, that piece of paper, for which you have toiled these years, read it….

what does it say?


A tulip!

And where did it come from?


Have you seen that place?
So near, so dear…
There @ —..>>>—>>>

Do you see it?
That dot floating in blackness?
The strumming of our guitar?
That melody?
The human language?
Will you stand with me?

I’m lonely

These people….




They are so fucking du….

I mean they are evolving, right?

You mean you are not seeing it?
That one is your childhood friend
This one is motherless
That one just learned something new
These ones awakening
He is with you
She is your mother
I am you

It’s all here

These troubling lines….
What times do we live in>?
I < ME ME > I


The forest grows stronger
The herds have no fences

IT”S ALL IN YOUR [email protected]!!

The truth validated!
Today is the day!
And bullshit no matter.
You’ve got the toolset
We’ll get behind you!

The networks of freedom
A soul mate connection
We all stand, shoulder to shoulder
I hear you panting….
You and I brother, are Sisyphus neither
The Rock is a blessing
The Mountain is endless
The nexus of nectars
The Falcon’s perspectives
It rolls and rolls down
The hill that we are vexing
So lets bring about the change we are seeking!

The World needs the Word

That we are all preaching
Another cranks turn
The gears and teeth dig in ever deeper
We stand and pound the drum of the ages
And who da fuck says that we are all sages?

From learning to crawl,
To being locked up in cages.

So sow your seeds wide
And grow your roots outwards and inwards
When lyrics are poets
The Muse soars ever steeper!



listening to: Casa Caos | IST 056\Discoshaman \ https://soundcloud.com/casacaos/ist-056discoshaman