Dance Tribe Offers Prayer in Motion

“Dance Tribe Offers Prayer in Motion” an article written by Elizabeth Schwyzer from the Santa Barbara Independent offers a glimpse into the modern rituals of tribal dance.

An experience which participants describe as transformational and ecstatic. Perhaps other communities will feel inspired to make tribal dance a part of their tradition.


It’s 11 o’clock on a bright Sunday morning, but the building is dimly lit.

Down the hallway are giant double doors leading to what I’m told is a sacred space. Inside is a shrine, where candlelight flickers over the figures of deities, and nasturtium blossoms float in a bowl of water.

As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I take in the rest of the cavernous room, where flecks of green light smatter the floor like stars.

The warm notes of a Native American flute morph into the hypnotic pulse of electronic trance music.

I am here for Dance Tribe, the weekly gathering that many participants describe as a form of prayer.


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