Release the Pressure



Release the Pressure” – poem written at the dawn of a new day, watching a magnificent sunrise @ a mountain party in the woods of Colorado…





All I wanted to do is write down a rhyme
About the vastness of space and the passage of time
So I sat down and listened to the call of the wild
Passing the reigns over to my inner child
And as he took over a curious thing happened
My mind was cleared, and the veil was lifted
I looked at the world and I saw all of its people
I saw the trees, the flowers, the air
I heard loud music with deep bass and a little dry snare
I felt the refreshing, cold raindrops gently fall down
As the colors of autumn waltzed into town
I saw bare feet walk on the earth
And a playful fire light up the family hearth
I realized sometimes life is simple – life is a bliss
If you just let it flow through you and cherish each kiss…



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