Release the Pressure



Release the Pressure” – poem written at the dawn of a new day, watching a magnificent sunrise @ a mountain party in the woods of Colorado…





All I wanted to do is write down a rhyme
About the vastness of space and the passage of time
So I sat down and listened to the call of the wild
Passing the reigns over to my inner child
And as he took over a curious thing happened
My mind was cleared, and the veil was lifted
I looked at the world and I saw all of its people
I saw the trees, the flowers, the air
I heard loud music with deep bass and a little dry snare
I felt the refreshing, cold raindrops gently fall down
As the colors of autumn waltzed into town
I saw bare feet walk on the earth
And a playful fire light up the family hearth
I realized sometimes life is simple – life is a bliss
If you just let it flow through you and cherish each kiss…



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Validation – A Short Film That Will Make You Smile ツ




Validation” is a fable about the magic of free parking.

Starring TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis
Writer/Director/Composer – Kurt Kuenne
A Theatre Junkies Production


See the trailer for “Shuffle”, the new feature film from the director and star of “Validation”!
or visit

Within Two Worlds

A Dazzling Time-Lapse of Stars, Meteors, and Auroras Dancing in the Sky by photographer Brad Goldpaint.

Within Two Worlds from Goldpaint Photography on Vimeo.

Musica Guatemala – Baruj Hashem Band


Baruj Hashem hail from Guatemala.

Es presenta el señor es mi rey del album la roca fiel.

Mars-1 x Everything Under the Sun

Artist MARS-1 aka Mario Martinez is a San Francisco based fuzzy-logic, mysticism, urban-Gothic, sci-fi, abstracted, quasi-organic. Painter, artist, sculptor, and collaborator.

Check out for more…

Mars-1 x Everything Under the Sun from Colin M Day on Vimeo.

Dimensional Mind Transfer – "Mizu" The Micro-Graffiti Artist




Mizu of Mizuarts is a local Colorado artist, who masterfully creates artistic expressions through spray paint, airbrush, paint markers, graffiti, acrylics, digital work, stencils, fractals, photography, sculpture, clothing, jewellery, body art, murals, and everything that truly inspires creativity.


Artwork created by Mizu captures the ebb and flow of our interconnected universe and its organized complexity.


The website is a true hidden gem for some hyperdimensional flare.


Watch the Video Below | Mizu 2012


Brutalism – An Abomination of Architecture










Tonight I saw a most vile thing

An abomination,

The brutality of it is immense,

Cruelty and greed are the high points of its character.

Leading lines of hellish opulence

A blatant disregard for nature

Monolithic blocks of concrete

Impersonal and separating,

Insulting the dominion of peace.

Destruction of freedom,

And the creation of property.

An architectural metaphor for murder!

The elegance of a thousand years,

Slapped back into modernity.

The theft of ethereal infinity

Hacked by a saber of rebar, concrete, and steel

Brutalist pathways,

The stamp of totalitarianism.


*Note: The poem is written for metaphorical value for the type of political mindset which produces the shameful structures that are in place. There are plenty of examples of wonderful and futuristic brutalism inspired architecture which is natural and free-flowing.





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Brutalism – An Abomination of Architecture by Blue Lotus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.